Best Place to Buy UK 49 Tickets Online

As the number suggests, UK49 lottery consists of a total of 49 balls. Users are given the option to select 6 out of these 49 numbers at random. These 6 numbers can be chosen in any random fashion. Since UK 49 lottery is now offered online, contestants can use automated number generators as well. To win the jackpot prize, contestants have to match all six numbers along with an extra bonus number with the draw.

An interesting fact about UK 49 is that it is the most famous lottery in the lottery. In fact, people are quite fond of it in South Africa as well. The reason why it has been able to achieve so much fame around the world is its frequency. UK49 takes place every single day of the week, and if that’s not enough for you, it is drawn twice a day. This makes UK 49 the most frequently run lottery in the country’s history.

Online bookies for UK 49 lotto

Now that you have built an interest in this lottery, the next question that will come to your mind is where to play this game online. There are many bookmakers available online to book your bets, however, you should choose the ones that provide the odds with the highest prices. Since betting depends on the number of bets in a pool, it does not matter what the draw looks like. What matters is whether you won the bet for a particular number or not. Some of the most famous bookmakers that are available online include:


The website is quite detailed and with clearly defined options for placing a bet for the UK 49 lottery. The user may place bets up to 9 days in advance. Easy to use interface allows you to pick the date and time to place your bet. Next, the user selects the number they wish to place their bet on and how much they want to bet on the number. All this can be done in a matter of a few seconds. Ladbrokes has been suggested as a reliable source to notify you of your wins and distribute funds in a secure manner.


Coral is another famous online betting website that people often use for participating in the UK 49 lottery. The website offers multiple options to choose your numbers, including a one-click option to auto-select the lucky number according to the bookie. As soon as you select your numbers, the website provides the odds of winning your bet on that selected number. Not only that, but it will also show how much money you can win for every dollar you put in from your own pocket. The website is one of the easiest to operate with quick selections through buttons and predefined checkboxes. Visitors from all over the globe log into Coral to win and accumulate prizes from this online bookie.


Boylesports has a subtle color screen on the main page with not too many distractions including ads and banners. This is good for the contestants as they can get right down to placing their bets as soon as they log into the website. The website allows you to select from a range of 1 to 5 numbers to bet on. Contestants on this site have the option to choose the bonus ball as well. You have the option to place the bets on the next two events which is a combination of tea-time and lunch-time draws. Like other popular betting sites, Boyle Sports tells you your odds and how much you can earn based on the number of balls selected.

The online portal has great information about the lottery including 49s result history. The website is so famous that it is used by people all over the world. It uses attractive colors and easy navigation to enhance the user experience. It is one of the best sites to analyze lottery results around the world. Contestants can use this to understand how different lotteries work around the world. Once you see how different operators distribute prizes you will understand how the odds vary in different parts of the world.

How to choose your online vendor for UK 49 lottery

Since UK 49 has gained popularity all over the world, many bookmakers have started offering tickets to these games. However, it is essential that you do a thorough research before selecting a bookie for yourself. Here are some useful tips to follow while selecting the online vendor for UK 49.

  • Check for their customer reviews online. This will tell you if these bookmakers have proper procedures in place to protect your identity. It will also give you an idea about how much time they take to securely transfer the funds into your account.
  • You should check how they will charge you for their services. Some bookmakersoffer their services for a fixed amount while others take a certain percentage as a commission from your win.
  • Check to see if they are approved as an authorized lottery dealer of UK 49 and that they follow the rules of the game.
  • Also, check to see how long they have been in the business. A newly launched bookmaker website may require more security than an established one.

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How you can celebrate your winning bet

People often feel that winning a large amount through their bets makes them all set for the next couple of years. Although this may be a good solution for the short term, if you spend all your money to manage your expenses, you will end up in the same position that you are in now. In order to maximize the value of the prize, you can invest it in a commodity that will generate passive income for you on a monthly basis. This may include buying real estate so that your wealth will not only be preserved but it will also grow with time. Hence, you need to have a proper financial plan in place before you place the bet.

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